Test cylinder

Test cylinder

Test cylinder with diaphragm accumulator

Accumulator in low-friction design, with an integrated displacement measuring system and mounted control block for a servo/proportional valve.
The piston rod also has a special receptacle for strain gauges.

Technical data
Piston diameter:150 mm
Rod diameter:80 mm
Stroke:400 mm
Operating pressure:325 bar
Cylinder weight:178,7 kg
Sealing system:low friction

Pulling cylinders for servo-hydraulic testing machines

In servo version with mounted servo valve, for use in test systems for continuous vibration measurement.

Technical data
Piston diameter:530 mm
Rod diameter:260 mm
Stroke:1500 mm
Operating pressure:200 bar
Cylinder weight:4678 kg
Sealing system:servo quality

Frequency-controlled synchronous cylinder

In low-friction design and integrated displacement encoder for use in diverse Testing machines.

Technical data
Piston diameter:420 mm
Rod diameter:200 mm
Stroke:400 mm
Operating pressure:210 bar
Cylinder weight:2184 kg
Frequency:5 Hz
Max. movement speed80 mm/s
Sealing system:low friction


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