Series cylinder

Series cylinder

Closing-force cylinder

Double-acting hydraulic cylinder for employment as a closing cylinder in hydraulic press systems.

Technical data
Piston diameter:300 mm
Rod diameter:140 mm
Stroke:282 mm
Piston-side operating:160 bar
Rod-side operating pressure:250 bar
Traction:1381 kN
Fixing:Head flange

Synchronous cylinder

Differential cylinder in synchronous implementation, with internally-installed overflow valve for the interlocking of wind power plants.

Technical data
Piston diameter:160 mm
Rod diameter:56 mm
Stroke:85 mm
Operating pressure:270 bar
Fixing:Head flange

Hydraulic cylinder

Differential cylinder for the quick opening of production presses in the valve fittings industry.

Technical data
Piston diameter:85 mm
Rod diameter:35 mm
Stroke:75 mm
Operating pressure:350 bar
Cylinder weight:8,4 kg

Double-compact cylinder

Hydraulic, double-piston, compact cylinder with through-passing piston rod for the punching of composite materials in the automotive sector.

Technical data
Piston diameter:50 mm
Rod diameter I:30 mm
Rod diameter II:18 mm
Stroke:60 mm
Operating pressure:200 bar


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