Telescopic cylinder

Telescopic cylinder

Two-stage, single-acting telescopic cylinder

for the positioning of theatre stages with rod-sided ball receptacle

Technical data
Stage 1:
Piston diameter:160 mm
Rod diameter:140 mm
Stroke:520 mm
Stage 2:
Piston diameter:120 mm
Rod diameter:100 mm
Stroke:500 mm
Total travel:1020 mm
Pressure:157 kN

3-stage, double-acting telescopic cylinder

for the lifting and lowering of a conveyance devices.

Technical data
Stage 1:
Piston diameter:270 mm
Rod diameter:160 mm
Stroke:82 mm
Stage 2:
Piston diameter:125 mm
Rod diameter:110 mm
Stroke:96 mm
Stage 3:
Piston diameter:80 mm
Rod diameter:70 mm
Stroke:92 mm
Total travel:270 mm
Pressure:50 kN
Operating pressure:100 bar


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