Large cylinder (heavy-duty cylinder)

Large cylinder (heavy-duty cylinder)

Plunger cylinder for multiple-tier heating press

for the manufacture of electronic component parts.

Technical data
Rod diameter:850 mm
Stroke:1380 mm
Operating pressure:300 bar
Pressure:17023 kN
Cylinder weight:17694 kg

Double-acting hydraulic cylinder

for sewage-sludge water removal in chamber filter presses.

Technical data
Piston diameter:500 mm
Rod diameter:320 mm
Stroke:1100 mm
Operating pressure:400 bar
Pressure:7850 kN
Cylinder weight:3851 kg

Single-acting hydraulic cylinder

with floor-sided feed suction and hollow-ground piston rod for vulcanising presses.

Technical data
Piston diameter:640 mm
Rod diameter:550 mm
Stroke:3300 mm
Operating pressure:315 bar
Pressure:10134 kN
Cylinder weight:11000 kg

Plunger cylinder

for employment as pressing cylinder in the wood-processing industry.

Technical data
Rod diameter:560 mm
Stroke:2400 mm
Operating pressure:320 bar
Pressure:7882 kN
Cylinder weight:11000 kg


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