Single-acting hydraulic cylinder

Single-acting hydraulic cylinder

Plunger cylinder with spring return

and mechanical interlocking. For employment as pressure cylinder in chamber pressing.

Technical data
Piston diameter:90 mm
Stroke:200 mm
Rated pressure:650 bar
Pressure:413,5 kN
Cylinder weight:22,3 kg

Single-acting, open tipping cylinder

with structured, hydraulically-unblockable check valve in the industrial furnace construction sector. Hydraulic connections and hydraulic unblocking are implemented by the pivoting-pin fastening.

Technical data
Piston diameter:170 mm
Stroke:1900 mm
Operating pressure:160 bar
Pressure:363,2 kN
Cylinder weight:865 kg

Short-stroke, plunger cylinder

with Belleville spring washer package as a safety function in case of actuating drives for power-station valves.

Technical data
Piston diameter:115 mm
Rod diameter:85 mm
Stroke:22 mm
Rated pressure:80 bar
Pressure:83,1 kN
Cylinder weight:16 kg

Short-stroke plunger cylinder

for employment in the hot area of a vulcanising press.

Technical data
Piston diameter:180 mm
Stroke:10 mm
Rated pressure:260 bar
Pressure:661,6 kN
Cylinder weight:42 kg


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