Special cylinder

Special cylinder

Synchronous cylinder in servo-implementation

with flanged control block for the alignment of belt plates.

Technical data
Piston diameter:300 mm
Rod diameter:130 mm
Stroke:110 mm
Operating pressure:210 bar
Cylinder weight:775 kg

Double-acting closing cylinder

with terminal strips in right-hand and left-hand implementation, for the plastics processing industry.

Technical data
Piston diameter:160 mm
Rod diameter:110 mm
Stroke:440 mm
Piston tempo:1m/s
Cylinder weight:280 kg

Double-acting locking cylinder

with integrated fast-travel.

Technical data
Piston diameter:320 mm
Rod diameter:245 mm
Hurried gear piston diameter:130 mm
Stroke:1710 mm
Operating pressure:250 bar
Cylinder weight:2324,5 kg


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